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Events Moscow launches new attack on Kavkaz Center. This time another way around
[14 September 2009 , 10:43]

According to news of Swedish edition of Media vaerlden Prosecutor General's Office of Russian Federation again addressed their requests to the authorities of Sweden to shut down the website of Kavkaz Center agency. This time Moscow decided to go another way around.

The formal cause for the "anxiety" of Kremlin became the "publications of appeals to violence against the officials and threats against a peaceful citizens on KC website".

It is talked of the address of Emir of Caucasus Emirate Dokka Abu Usman to the relatives of puppet policemen.

In this regard, the Russian public prosecutor's office asked the authorities of Sweden to "find the author of publications on KC in order to interrogate him".

In the note of Anders Ahlberg entitled "The Chancellor of Justice said "no" to the Russian office of public prosecutor, which wanted to find a source" the edition writes:

"The Russian office of public prosecutor requested Sweden to help them in finding an author who publishes own work on the server of the website of kavkazcenter.net located here.

It is unknown who is the author using a pseudonym. The Russian office of public prosecutor wants to find out his IP address through the Swedish ISP and to interrogate those responsible for the hosting [of the website].

Kavkaz Center obtained the registration in Sweden a few years back and hence it is being under protection of constitution now.

The Swedish Chancellor of Justice considered an inquiry and decreed that of practice of legal help as such it is possible to say "yes" - a hosting company or its representatives are not suspected in crime.

However with respect to that which is related to determination of any source it is against the principles of the Swedish legislation. Therefore the Chancellor of Justice denied the Russian inquiry about a legal help", the Swedish edition writes.

Meanwhile the official inquiry of Moscow about KC, as it has turned out, was only a beginning of combination of many moves planned in Kremlin.

The main program of Swedish state radio of Sviriges Radio P1 in the newscast of "Mass Media" (Medierna), on 12th of September at 11:03 am with a rerun on 13th of September at 6 pm, in a very compressed form in the general press kit from 3 different reports about mass media, broadcasted under the heading "Accomplice of terrorists was protected by the Swedish constitution":

"The mass media reported this week, that the Russian office of public prosecutor had requested a legal help from Sweden in order to identify the anonymous author of Swedish-based website of Kavkaz Center, who is accused of connections with terrorists by Russia.

The Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz denied this request because Kavkazcenter.net has a Swedish registration and hence it is protected by the Swedish constitution. Medierna examines the case of this website as a conflict of interests between Russian and Swedish principles of freedom of speech".

Several telephone interviews, which were obtained by the journalist of Swedish radio and author of the broadcast from persons both related to Kavkaz Center and those strongly disliking Kavkaz Center at the same time having no relation to it, were also included in a broadcast.

The journalist of the democratic Russian newspaper "New Newspaper" (Novaya Gazeta) Roman Shleynov (vice-head of the department of investigations of "NN", the former assistant of Yuri Shchekochikhin) stated in an interview to Swedish radio, that although "New Newspaper" criticizes Russian authorities, yet it is fully supportive of the Kremlin's demand to shut down the Kavkaz Center because this website "supports terrorists and extremists".

"This website (KC) has nothing to do with a journalism. It is a terrorist site", - the democratic journalist declared.

It is curious in this regard that shutting of opposition editions in Russia and numerous murders of journalists by Kremlin, including Anna Politkovskaya and Yuri Shchekochikhin, is viewed by the "New Newspaper" as an illegal persecution for a dissent and a violation of rights to freedom of distribution of information.

However, it seems that in a view of the democratic journalists of the "New Newspaper" these rights by no means reach "Kavkaz Center" and the audience of KC of many thousands, so Sweden must follow to the example of Kremlin: either to shut down Kavkaz Center or to kill the journalists of KC, as Putin does it with Russian journalists and human rights activists.

The new campaign of Moscow for a battle against Kavkaz Center differs from the previous rough arm-twists of KC and demands for Swedish authorities to close the website.

This time Kremlin "jockeyed", bringing loyal journalists into play, trying to create a negative "public image" associated with KC.

As it was mentioned earlier, the journalist of Swedish radio called several persons related to Kavkaz Center during a preparation for broadcast about KC. There was a call made, in particular, to an editor of KC, who was asked by a journalist "why Kavkaz Center supports terrorists".

Taking into consideration that similar calls to the editor of KC are often made by an agents of the Russian intelligence services, asking the same provocative questions and threatening with violence, the editor of KC waved away from this next call as usual, declaring that he "does not know what is it all about, have no idea what's going on, is not an editor and suggested them to contact his uncle [residing] in Turkey". 

Two days later this answer of the editor was cited playing for keeps in the broadcast of the Swedish radio as discrediting evidence on KC.

Moreover, the journalist who prepared this broadcast knowingly or not roughly distorted the address of the Emir of Caucasus Emirate Dokka Umarov, placing it in a different light as if Abu Usman allegedly threatened "to kill the parents of policemen and throw their cold bodies to the doors of their own homes".

This deceitful passage was cited almost as a major proof that KC "supports terrorists and is an extremist site itself", while Kavkaz Center only imparted the statement of a particular man (the original quote had different meaning as against the distorted quotation of author of the broadcast) as for example it does CNN or BBC, reporting about another statement of Osama bin Laden or doctor Ayman az-Zawahiri.

And if Dokka Umarov would indeed have said the words as quoted by the journalist of Swedish radio and KC would have published them, even then Kavkaz Center would of only conveyed the words of the particular man, not of the KC itself.

Meantime the truth doesn't concern the authors of informational bulldoze against Kavkaz Center at all. The way question is put and the means used clearly indicate that a very specific order "to bump off" KC is carried on in a quite familiar style of the Kremlin informational hitmen.

The specific facts indicate that it is so. A journalist asking the questions to the persons related to KC, for example, demanded to "acknowledge straight whether you agree with supporting terrorists and with a fact that Kavkaz Center advocates violence, threatening the officials and peaceful citizens of Russian Federation?".

When the provocative character of such questions and the fact that KC does not threat anybody, but reports about specific facts referring to a specific sources, like any news agency should, was pointed to a journalist of Swedish radio he switched the topic and began to ask the questions about videos which are being accompanied with a "religious music". (By the way, the broadcast was accompanied with nasheeds (traditional Muslim songs - ed. note) in Arabic language and screams of Allahu Akbar, which in opinion of producers obviously must have put the wind up listeners and to create a suitable atmosphere.)

In reply that these videos are available on the popular sites like YouTube, Google Video, Daily Monition and others, and that KC only provides the references to these videos in most of the cases, the journalist again switched to another topic and asked why KC is registered specifically in Sweden, not in other country and et cetera questions.

History has a continuation.

Another fact of no small importance arising suspicions of preparedness of this next bulldoze of Moscow on KC is an obvious existence of special "support group" demanding the closure of Kavkaz Center, which began a motion in the Internet against Kavkaz Center as if on command immediately after the kick-up broadcast of Swedish radio.

On 12th of September 2009 the Russian-Swedish site of an old "friend of Russia" certain Kalle Kniivilä, the former Moscow correspondent of press organ of Central Committee of Communist Party of Finland "Kansan Uutiset", called to shut down KC.

The open enemy of Kavkaz Center since at least March 10, 2008 (for some reason he calls us "site of Chechen anti-semites Kavkaz Center" - KC), he finally found his tongue and wrote an opus under the heading "Kavkaz Center plays hide-and-seek with the Swedish law".

To comment this opus and the position of its author is needless, because the indelible fact of biography of Kalle Kniivilä talks for itself.

It also pays attention to the fact that the new campaign of Moscow against Kavkaz Center started at the time of dramatically worsened situation in Northern Caucasus.

The obvious accounts of Moscow covering and encouraging demonstrative murders of human rights activists that reported the inhuman crimes of Russian invaders and their marionettes committed in Chechnya, is especially worrying.

Let us also remind that according to accounts of human rights activists Moscow organized so-called "death squads" with the help of local puppet regimes, which initiated the campaign of mass terror against a peaceful population.

However both these obvious facts and that the KC actively writes about the bloody crimes of Moscow in Caucasus and about the continuation of the armed underground struggle, does not bother the journalist, author of the broadcast on Swedish radio at all.

This journalist is much more concerned that Dokka Umarov threatened severe punishment to the puppet ringleader of Ingushetia occupied by the Russian troops, who is the officer of one of the bloodiest criminal organizations in the world - GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff - ed. note).

This protégé of Moscow put to death dozen of young men and their parents during a few months of his rule as a leader of the country just for their attendance of mosque and their wish to adhere to the norms of Islam.

Exactly during the public service of this "official", whose fate suddenly and so unexpectedly worried the journalist of Swedish radio simultaneously with the Russian office of public prosecutor, the number of the abducted peaceful residents had sharply increased.

Just during his rule the abductions of old men that did not show public loyalty to the new pro-Moscow ringleader and murdering them began to be practiced.

It is very hard to suppose that all these (and the facts of the massacre by the so-called "officials" of Russia of 250 thousand civilians in Chechnya) are unknown to the journalist of Swedish radio, who studied the case of Kavkaz Center so thoroughly.

In addition, it is pretty strange to witness a simultaneous joint campaign of the Russian office of public prosecutor, independent journalist of Swedish radio and former official communist agent against KC, the latter of which, by the way, disliked a movie of Nekrasov very much, the movie were it says that Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium-210 by task force of FSB.

This friend of Russia, who now in a team with the journalist of Swedish radio and Russian office of public prosecutor traduces KC and calls to do utmost to compel Swedish authorities to shut down KC, wrote in regards to the airing of the documentary about Litvinenko in Sweden -

"Emphasis on the political aspect here obviously interferes with objectivity. I am surprised, why the most serious Swedish broadcasting company decided to air this documentary (on 24th of February, 2008 - KC) even without any preliminary explanations or discussion in the TV studio (the friend of Russia was deprived of possibility to advertise Putin on Swedish TV - KC)".

Comments, as the saying goes, are needless.

Editorial Board of Kavkaz Center

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