KavkazCenterDate: 24 September, 2014
Time: 05:25 Emirate time

Last update: 22:40

America expands its war on Islam to Syria. 120 Muslims martyred, 300 wounded on Day 1
America said it attacked Syria, and its aircraft started killing Muslims also in this country.[..]

HYBRID WAR. Unknown guerilla group operates on highway 'Don' near Moscow
According to Russian and Polish media, a previously unknown guerrilla group, called by Russian[..]

Russian thug Putin and Finnish government returned Finlandization to Finland
According to President Putin's ex-assistant Andrei Illarionov, Russia is engaged in an[..]

Russian puppets' chief in Chechnya ordered to tear off hijabs and undress women 'to check what they had there' (a video)
The ringleader of Chechen minions, Kadyrov, who has long turned feral from the taste of blood[..]